Welcome to Cinema Tycoon!

As an up-and-coming entrepreneur and aficionado of the silver screen, you've recently leased a chunk of mall real-estate for the purpose of running a movie theater.

One day, if you play your cards right, you could even produce your own films.

Whether you play it fast and loose, or cautiously slow, your ultimate goal is to turn your seed money into a million dollars and produce at least 3 movies. Do that, and you've won. Drop more than $10,000 into debt and the landowner will pull your lease.

Test your skills against that of other players and climb the leadership board.

Point out any bugs or UI difficulties and we will patch them.

Ideal browser for this game: Google Chrome


Jorge Rodriguez: Gamification

William Funk: Main game design and programming

A Tenacious Teal Production

Development log


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won in 137 days.

easy but enjoyable

Thank you.

I’m glad you had some fun.

I am in the process of trying this game, and after finally starting to get the hang of it, I happen to start new games in which the 3 license choices for movies all cost well above 10 000$, meaning that this game session is worthless and must "make it fail" in order to try again, with chances of having the same problem again.  This should be fixed to guarantee at least one license is purchasable, or else what's the point of even try to open a cinema if you can't afford to show anything in it right from the start?

The concept seems interesting, though...  Just wanted to report this strange annoyance/bug before playing further to see if I can get his business rolling for more than 3 weeks.

Thank you for letting me know about this problem. I will try and lower purchase costs for movie licenses to make it more accessible. I'll reply here when it's done.

@G-9Games: The reason the prices were so high for you is that all the movies you encountered were player created, and those players elected to use very high prices. I've updated the existing movie prices to be less than $8,000 but most are below $5,000.

Any new movies made will have a cap of $7,500 so that what you experienced won't happen again. I hope this helps, and that enjoy your game play.